Economic Progress

Americans inspire the world, rekindling a culture of societal progress through rapid economic growth driven by individual empowerment, creativity, and innovation. Everyone is empowered to serve others and solve big problems through key institutions that facilitate innovation and emergent order.

  • People are empowered to solve society’s most pressing challenges through growth and innovation.

  • Communities are empowered to de-risk innovation and help people who are struggling to access the benefits of innovation and find a path to economic progress.

  • Government is limited to safeguarding a society of equal rights. Government officials embrace a culture of “permission less innovation,” maximizing individual liberty and fostering bottom-up, decentralized private sector entrepreneurship to solve human problems, including providing cost-effective solutions for tasks too often undertaken by government despite the lack of a comparative advantage.

Health Care

American health care costs too much, with too much paperwork and too many unexpected bills. Patients should be empowered to make health care choices that are right for them. To truly reimagine health care and deliver better health for more people at lower cost, we must present an alternative to the current system — one that offers personal, not one-sized fits all, health care solutions.

  • Certificate of Need Reform• Create Universal License Recognition for medical professionals• Direct Primary Care Improvement• Transparency in medical billing

Free Speech

Free Speech is a foundational right and when properly exercised produces a society in which all persons believe in treating one another with dignity and respect, choosing to engage peacefully and employ collaborative problem-solving rather than coercion or violence.

While America today has some of the strongest free speech laws in the country’s history, they are under constant threat, both from increasing partisan attack and from cultural and societal pressures that devalue and dismiss individual freedom and responsibility in favor of control and conformity.

Foundational Education

The purpose of foundational education is to cultivate curiosity and a desire to learn in all students. A one-size-fits-all education approach, with standardization and uniform outcomes to normalize a multitude of learning approaches and outcomes.

There are no average students so empowering educators to innovate and guide every child to discover how their talents and interests can create value in society, allowing them to live a life of meaning and purpose.